Gluten-Free Garlic Products

Discover the unparalleled taste of Ouma Swesie se Spens Gluten-Free Garlic Products, where tradition meets innovation for a culinary experience like no other. Crafted with care, our garlic products boast a unique blend of ingredients that tantalize the taste buds and make for a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Unlike conventional garlic products, ours undergo a meticulous pickling process that eliminates the raw garlic’s harshness, leaving behind a flavor reminiscent of pickled onions. This transformation enhances the versatility of our products, making them ideal for a myriad of culinary creations.

What sets Ouma Swesie’s gluten-free garlic products apart is their remarkable shelf life. With a lifespan of two years from the date of manufacturing, you can indulge in their savory goodness at your leisure. Even after opening, these delights can be refrigerated for up to six months, ensuring freshness with every use.

Rediscover the joy of cooking with Ouma Swesie se Spens Gluten-Free Garlic Products. Elevate your pasta dishes, oven roasts, leg of lamb, pizzas, roasted veggies, and salads with the irresistible flavor of our garlic creations. Impress your guests by showcasing these delectable treats on a cheese or tapas platter, adding a touch of gourmet flair to any occasion.

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